by Andy Teach 

Corporate Presentations-Informational, Educational, Motivational

As a 30-year corporate veteran, 
Andy Teach has managed and observed all types of employees.  He draws upon his experiences as a former entertainment executive who rose up the corporate ladder from research clerk to vice-president, to help employees and managers be the best that they can be. Andy's presentations are informational, educational, and motivational and are designed to produce both short-term and long-term results.

Andy has developed two distinct presentations that can help your company improve its morale and productivity:

BUSINESS ETIQUETTE 101: What They Don't Teach You in School
(60 minute PowerPoint presentation designed to help entry-level and junior-level employees learn proper business etiquette and professionalism)

This practical presentation gives your entry-level and junior-level employees the real scoop on what they can expect to encounter in the workplace. Andy provides tools and tactics so newer employees can learn the ropes in record time.

He'll teach them hard-earned lessons from the corporate world including how to:

  • Stay organized and productive
  • Deal with difficult people
  • Dress appropriately for the job (and the next one!)
  • Handle office romance and relationships
  • Overcome the generation gap at work
  • Practice phone, text, and email etiquette

MANAGING UP, DOWN, AND SIDEWAYS: Motivate Yourself and Others for Maximum Results

(60 minute PowerPoint presentation designed to teach managers and above how to manage their employees more effectively, especially younger employees who are part of Generation Y or the “Millennial” generation)

Managing people is as much a part of your job as the work itself. In fact, it is the job. So how do you manage direct reports, supervisors, peers-and yourself-to achieve maximum results? In this presentation ideal for managers and above, Andy shares techniques for getting the best out of people, including learning to:

  • Improve your own management style
  • Manage your boss (without stepping on toes)
  • Understand the generation gap
  • Motivate the Millennials
  • Become an inspirational leader
Both presentations will be specifically tailored to your company’s needs. Andy provides a free consultation either in person or on the telephone to discuss your goals. Please email Andy at for pricing and more information.



  • American Express (Sponsored by HOLA Network/NSHMBA)-guest speaker 
  • CPA/Law Society of Ventura County-guest speaker and panelist 
  • Office Administrative Services, LLC-guest speaker 
  • Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro)-guest panelist 
  • National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA South Florida Chapter)-guest speaker
  • Rutgers Club of Southern California-guest speaker
  • Studio 360 "The Dental Lab"-guest speaker 


 "The first time I saw Andy in action was in March of 2011 when I hired him to present "From Graduation to Career" to a group of undergraduate students at St. Thomas University. I was so impressed with his expertise, presentation skills and personable characteristics that I managed to bring Andy back to speak to a group of business professionals of the South Florida chapter of The National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) and American Express in August of 2011 on a program titled "From Cubicle to Corner Office." Again, that was a great success. I look forward to seeing more of Andy Teach's speaking engagements. I highly recommend him."
Cristina Lopez, President, South Florida Chapter, National Society of Hispanic MBAs

"Thank you for a phenomenal 'From Cubicle to Corner Office' presentation at the joint American Express/NSHMBA networking event. It motivates me to excel and to continue to look for my dream career."
Attendee, American Express/National Society of Hispanic MBAs Event

“Andy Teach has provided his keen insight on Millennials in the workplace (and related workplace issues) on two occasions to our professional group of attorneys, CPAs and bankers.  His extensive background and experience were evident as he provided serious practical advice to the audience, sprinkled with a dry, and very funny, sense of humor.  We heard nothing but positive feedback and expect to ask him back to discuss other relevant topics in the future.”  
Douglas Kulper, President, CPA/Law Society of Ventura County

"Andy Teach gave a fantastic presentation to the alumni group, the Rutgers Club of Southern California, that offered easy to follow recommendations on getting a job and keeping it. Andy’s advice was practical and down-to-earth with broad applicability that suited our diverse audience which consisted of the young and old as well as the employed and unemployed. Those in attendance found it to be informative, engaging and helpful."
Jennifer McClain, President, Rutgers Club of Southern California

"Mr. Teach's presentation was very informative. He provided many interesting real-life examples to help illustrate his points. His treatment of the issues that can develop between different age employees was the most helpful to our business."
LeeAnne Fischl, owner, Office Administrative Services, LLC

"Andy Teach gave a presentation to our company on what it takes to succeed in the business world. His presentation was very informative, practical, and entertaining.  My employees got a lot out of Andy's presentation-their attitudes have changed for the better and morale has improved. I would highly recommend that your company have Andy come and speak to your employees."
Scott Braverman, Vice President, Studio 360 "The Dental Lab"


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