by Andy Teach 
College Lectures
Andy Teach has lectured at over 50 colleges and universities around the U.S. His one-hour presentation features many personal stories from his 30-year corporate career. Based on his experiences as a former vice-president at a major Hollywood studio, Andy teaches students and alumni the do's and don'ts of getting a job, professionalism, business etiquette, and moving up the career ladder. 

What is the difference between the job candidates who get the job and the ones that don't?
Why do some employees get laid off and others keep their jobs?
Why are more and more hiring managers complaining about the lack of professionalism skills from recent college graduates? 

During his lectures, Andy answers these and many other questions by engaging students with personal stories and real-life examples from his thirty-year corporate career. Participants will learn:
  • Why getting the job is Job #1
  • The best tips for networking
  • The 3 rules for great resumes
  • How to ace an interview
  • Your critical first 90 days on the job

College athletes face different obstacles than other students when entering the workforce. This presentation teaches them how to transition from sports to the workplace and puts them on a level playing field with other job candidates. Participants will learn:
  • How to network like a pro
  • How to develop a playbook for your resume and cover letter
  • How to bring your A-game to the interview
  • Which uniform to wear at work
  • That work is a team sport
  • How to be a winner in the workplace

If you are interested in having Andy speak at your college or university and would like more information, you can contact him at or call 310-874-1245

Andy has lectured at the following colleges and universities:
  • Baruch College-City University of New York
  • Bloomsburg University
  • Bridgewater College
  • California Lutheran University
  • California Lutheran University-School of Business
  • Cal State Bakersfield
  • Cal State Northridge
  • Cal State San Bernardino-College of Business
  • Centenary College 
  • Chapman University-Argyros School of Business + Economics
  • The Claremont Colleges
  • DeSales University 
  • Eckerd College 
  • Florida Institute of Technology
  • Fresno Pacific University 
  • George Mason University School of Management
  • Hood College 
  • Hope International University
  • Juniata College
  • Lebanon Valley College
  • Lock Haven University
  • Loyola Marymount University
  • Marymount University
  • McDaniel College 
  • Millersville University
  • Mills College
  • Montclair State University-School of Business
  • Mount St. Mary's College
  • Mount St. Mary's College-MBA Program 
  • Neumann University
  • New College of Florida 
  • New Jersey City University
  • Point Loma Nazarene University
  • Princeton University
  • Rutgers University
  • Saint Peter's University 
  • Saint Thomas University 
  • Stanford University
  • Stetson University
  • UCLA
  • UC Irvine
  • UC Riverside
  • UC Santa Barbara
  • UC Santa Cruz
  • University of Miami
  • University of Redlands
  • University of San Diego-School of Business Administration
  • University of Scranton 
  • University of South Florida 
  • University of Tampa 
  • USC Annenberg
  • Villanova University
  • Whittier College
 Andy covers several topics in his one-hour lecture, ranging from:
  • Good vs. bad résumés
  • Job interviewing 
  • Networking
  • Dealing with difficult bosses and co-workers
  • Dress codes
  • Staying organized
  • Office romance
  • Standing up to the boss
  • The generation gap at work

Andy also discusses some of his 73 corporate commandments, including:

  • Keep your supervisor informed of your progress
  • Remember that one of your main jobs is to make the boss's job easier
  • It doesn’t matter how smart you are if you miss a deadline
  • Do whatever it takes to get the job done

"I wrote this book, in part, as a vehicle which would allow me to have direct contact with my audience. There is no substitute for face-to-face communication and it gives me great pleasure when I can speak directly with college students. When they come up to me after a lecture and thank me for my time and for helping them in their job search, it makes it all worthwhile."


From Career Center Staff:
"Andy’s presentation covered valuable information about how to find a job and succeed once you have it.  He used examples from his corporate experience to maintain the students’ interest and highlight common mistakes new professionals can make.  We enjoyed working with him and having him on campus and hope to bring him back in the future."
Megan Garber, Assistant Director of Career Development and Outreach, Toppel Career Center- University of Miami

“Andy's presentation was informative, thought provoking, and humorous. Students lined up after the presentation to personally thank Andy for presenting tips on what to do once they are in the corporate world. There is so much information out on resumes, interviewing, and job searches that appropriate behavior once in the corporate world is often overlooked. Andy's presentation addressed this topic and kept the crowd interested.”
Diane Freedman, Director, School of Business Career Services at Montclair State University 

"Andy gets an A+ from the students!  They found his presentation to be not only informative but delivered in a manner that was engaging, honest and heartfelt.  He covered a wide variety of topics in a very succinct, well-organized and timely fashion.  We hope to have Andy back every year!" 
Marlene Simon, Director of Career Services & Internships-Mount St. Mary’s College 

"On behalf of Baruch students, thank you once again for helping make our Leadership & Professional Development Program: Making the Transition kickoff event such a HUGE success!  We continue to receive positive feedback from the student leaders who attended the workshop (as well as staff). The students really enjoyed your presentation and the great tips and career advice you offered. You are a great speaker and we appreciate your outstanding efforts.  We are happy to invite you to speak at Baruch again in the near future. Again, much appreciation from the entire SCDC and Student Life staff and students from Baruch." 
Ingrid Tineo, M.A., Assistant Director, Career Program Coordinator-Baruch College/Starr Career Development Center

 "Thank you for presenting such an engaging and informative presentation. From cross-generational dynamics to office etiquette, you really provided valuable advice that our audience could take away. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again in the future."
Yas Djadali, Assistant Director of Career Counseling-Loyola Marymount University

“Andy presented a program at Rutgers University geared towards graduating seniors. The focus was getting and keeping a job. The students and alumni who were present found Andy's program to be helpul and entertaining. The participants had a number of questions and I really feel that they benefited from his experiences. Thanks, Andy!
Chrystal McArthur, Senior Associate Director of Career Services-Rutgers University

"The 'thank you' goes to you for speaking to our students and providing them with great advice. It certainly reflects your commitment and value for helping others. I particularly enjoyed hearing about your career path and the lessons that you learned along the way."
Linda Drake, Interim Career Center Director-University of California, Irvine

“Andy received excellent student reviews for the timely and helpful information that he shared in his presentation. He has a gift for simplifying the complex transitional challenges that await graduating students and provides meaningful guidance for success.”
Tim Harding, Director of Career Services-University of Tampa

"It was my pleasure to host you on campus and I know that the students benefited tremendously from your career advice. Best of luck with the rest of your tour and I look forward to planning another seminar in the future."
Ignacio Gallardo, Associate Director of Career Services-University of California, Santa Barbara 

"Andy is a great speaker on how to behave once you get a new job or for those who want to stay employed-what makes a great employee. Book is great for college grads but Andy can do presentations for any level for all industries."
Cindy Lewis, Director of Career Services-California Lutheran University

"Students will like this presentation and presenter. Andy Teach has a way of reaching students that makes them engage early in the presentation. He gives practical examples and shares real life stories.  The presentation is clear, informative, and timely."
Dr. Jennifer Jones, Director of Career Placement and Planning-New Jersey City University

"I thought your presentation went really well.  I personally found it to be very informative and I'm sure the students benefited tremendously from your advice."
Frank Ramirez,
Career Counselor-University of California, Riverside

“Andy conducted
a presentation for students at my university. He did a great job. He was very prepared, responded to students' questions and was willing to meet individually to answer individual questions. He even spent some extra time meeting with a class after the presentation. I give Andy a positive recommendation as a speaker on the topic 'How to Get and Keep a Job in Today's Tough Economy'.”
Carol Barnett, Director of Career Services, Bloomsburg University

From Students:

"Thank you very much for sharing your advice at the "From Graduation to Corporation" seminar at Stanford Career center. I learned a lot from your presentation! I wish I had known the pointers you presented earlier-I made some of the mistakes you had mentioned. I will read your book and share these insights with my friends and peers."
Recent Graduate, Stanford University

"The interview preparation slides were the most useful to me as I am currently making the interview rounds. The time and pace of the presentation were perfect."
Senior, University of Miami

"I like the tips he gave. I always go to speeches like this but a lot of the information he said I didn't know. It was very helpful."
Junior, Montclair State University-School of Business

"Andy mentioned little things that I've never thought about.  Probably the most useful job workshop I've ever been to."
Junior, University of California, Santa Cruz

"Very concise. Lots of well-organized information in a short period of time."
Grad Student, Princeton University

Thank you so much for contributing the valuable information you did at the career workshop. I came away with some great ideas. You were a great speaker."
Alumni, Loyola Marymount University

"Very informative. A wake up call."
Junior, California Lutheran University

"Insight on the work world, as well as Andy's 'Corporate Commandments.' were very interesting."
Senior, Rutgers University

"Enjoyed the tips about how to work with different types of people and bosses. Enjoyed hearing about your specific personal experiences."
Grad Student, Florida Institute of Technology

"I like the professionalism of the speaker-very clean speech. Great PowerPoint, easy to follow. I didn't feel the time pass. It was all very useful."
Senior, UCLA

"The real-life stories made the lecture more engaging.  The resume and cover letter tips were especially useful and had parts that I had not known before."
Sophomore, University of California, Irvine

"I found Andy to be friendly and approachable. He wasn't pushy about his advice, which is a welcome change from most speakers. He touched on many points that I would never had thought about. I feel a lot more comfortable entering the workforce post-graduation."
Senior, Lebanon Valley College

"Very informative. Great insight into what is expected in the workplace."
Senior, University of Tampa

"Engaging and informative. Bottom line: bloody awesome!"
Senior, Baruch College-City University of New York 

"Andy Teach touches on many areas of the workplace that are a mystery for college students. The most helpful was his advice on office etiquette."  
Senior, University of California, Santa Barbara

"The information on the generation gap contained very valid points. I appreciated the links and websites for networking. You seem to have a great understanding of the corporate environment and I appreciate your insight."
Sophomore, Stetson University

"The tips were very helpful and I think that this lecture will help me with finding jobs in the future."
Junior, Whittier College

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