by Andy Teach 
About The Book

From Graduation To Corporation: The Practical Guide To Climbing The Corporate Ladder One Rung At A Time by corporate veteran Andy Teach

The second edition of
From Graduation To Corporation (rated 5 stars ***** on is a comprehensive guide to success in the corporate world and is specifically tailored to college students and recent college graduates. It is an invitation to the "Millennials" (Generation Y) to go inside the head of a corporate veteran. By examining the thought processes of a senior executive and learning from his experiences, recent college graduates can be better prepared to narrow the gap between their expectations and the expectations of their supervisors.

What makes this book unique is that the author not only gives us his refreshingly honest account of his climb up the corporate ladder, but also discusses his fall from the top rungs. After working for the same two bosses in the same department of a major television and motion picture studio for twenty-three years, Andy Teach found himself on the unemployment line. Find out what he did right and what he did wrong so you can climb up to the top rungs of the corporate ladder . . . and stay there!

From Graduation To Corporation answers several key questions from college students and recent graduates:

  • Which resumes are the most likely and least likely to get you an interview?
  • How do you shine during the interview process and get the job you want?
  • How do you overcome the generation gap at work?
  • How do you deal with difficult bosses and co-workers?
  • How important is it to dress for success?
  • How do you stay organized?
  • Should you date someone at work?
  • When is it acceptable to stand up to the boss?
  • How do you ask for and receive a promotion and raise?
  • What are the seventy-three "Corporate Commandments"?   

From Graduation to Corporation: The Practical Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder One Rung at a Time contains fifteen rungs or chapters which can help the reader achieve career success. They are as follows: 

RUNG I:        Finding A Career

RUNG II:       The Job Search And Interview Process

RUNG III:     Your Decision Process: What To Consider Before Accepting The Job

RUNG IV:      The Beginning Of Your Career

RUNG V:       Your Work Attitude

RUNG VI:      Things They Don't Teach You In School

RUNG VII:     Staying Organized In Your Organization

RUNG VIII:    Being Out Of The Office

RUNG IX:      Socializing In The Workplace

RUNG X:       Things You Can And Can't Control At Work

RUNG XI:      Traveling On The Company

RUNG XII:     The People At Work

RUNG XIII:   Climbing The Rungs Of The Ladder

RUNG XIV:    Climbing A New Ladder

RUNG XV:     Learning From Past Mistakes

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