by Andy Teach 
About Andy
Andy Teach is a thirty-year corporate veteran. He received seven promotions during his career and was most recently Vice-President, Network & Cable Research at a major Hollywood studio in Los Angeles, California.

Andy was an unlikely corporate soldier when he first graduated from college. At that time, he delayed joining the corporate world when he and a friend embarked on a three-week, 1300-mile journey from New Jersey to Florida by bicycle. After that, Andy decided that "in order to beat the establishment, you first must become a part of it."

After his bicycle trip, he landed a position as an assistant media planner for a top ten advertising agency in New York City. He was promoted to media planner within six months. Andy then joined another advertising agency in New York as an assistant account executive. This agency specialized in motion picture advertising, which helped Andy later realize that his true calling was in the entertainment industry.

In the 1980's, Andy moved to Los Angeles, where he worked for a year as a production assistant for a television production company. After that, he got his big corporate break by getting a job at a major television and motion picture studio in the research department, where he worked for twenty-three years! Andy started at the bottom rung as a research clerk and rose to the position of vice-president.

Before beginning his corporate career, Andy graduated from Rutgers College with B.A. degrees in Business Administration and Human Communications. He has traveled to all seven continents and currently resides in Southern California. 

If you would like to contact Andy directly, please email him at

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